Street Fighter


Aggressive lines and sharp edges, designed to create a unique stance in its catergory.
Not just a cool looking bike, our racing DNA show its perfect ergonomics
allow the rider to feel perfectly integrated and push it to the limit.

Key Features

  • Speedo App
    Connect our bike to your phone app (work with Android and iOS)

  •      Full LED Lighting
         Aggressive Head Lamp design with LEDs.

  •     Performance
        37mm Inverted front forks, 2 Stages Rear Shock
                       Front and Rear Disc Brake


Aggressive Headlamp

Ultra bright & aggressive looking LED lights make the street Fighter safer and unique.


High strength street frame is coupled with 37mm inverted forks and 2 stage rear shock, it means sharp & safe handling in all riding conditions.


Our multifuncational LCD display integrates the whole vehicle information technology, whether stationary or moving. A glimpse of the eyes and you can all the data clearly, making your riding experience safer and fun.

Full LED Lighting

Street Fighter has its own Bluetooth identification funcation, which can be used to download the real time vehicle information through the mobile phone APP and the vehicle intelligent conenction and become your riding diary.

Technical Specification

Street Fighter Available in 4 Flavours

125 cc

  • Single Cylinder
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel Injected
  • 10.6 HP @ 8000 RPM
  • 9.6 NM @ 7000 RPM

150 cc

  • Single Cylinder
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel Injected
  • 12.7 HP @ 7500 RPM
  • 12.3 NM @ 5500 RPM

164 cc

  • Single Cylinder
  • Air Cooled
  • Fuel Injected
  • 15.0 HP @ 8000 RPM
  • 14.5 NM @ 7500 RPM

198 cc

  • Single Cylinder
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Fuel Injected
  • 16.8 HP @ 7500 RPM
  • 14.0 NM @ 6500 RPM

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